Sunday, May 3, 2015

Is THIS clear? Is THAT clear?

There are no clears.

You know the game:

The human race is infested with body cooties (call 'e. THE tens).

And, for only $500,000, I know someone, now diseased (and de-cisted), who will 'clear you' of your body cooties.

A church who has Mr. Potato Head as it's leader!

O.K. It's Mr. Tomatoes' Head - my bad.

At least his guru:

was on a record cover.

and mentioned in a few books:

with an INTRO by RAW!

And Bare-faces messiah a PDF].

Who You Guru?

Another dead guy who channeled spirits of a dead guy that consumed too many spirits?

Only Swami knows which way the wind blows.

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