Monday, June 25, 2012

Warm, comfy future.

Don't worry! Be happy.

It is a well-known fact to people in the Fukushima area that 9% of the fuel is plutonium in the uranium rods in 'Fukushima III' Nuclear Power Plant and people are well aware that the consequences will be devastating if something more happens in plant III.
Actually, what already happened is an explosion.
But, videos of the explosion are not allowed to be seen. [...]
Interview with Mr. Koichi Oyama, member of the city council in Minamisōma city

MOX is the abbreviation for Mixed Oxide, a fuel for nuclear power plants that consists of a mixture of depleted uranium oxide and plutonium oxide.

Belgonucléaire Plant in Dessel ceased operations (manufacturing MOX) since mid 2006 and Cadarache has stopped its commercial production in 2003.

The National Nuclear Security Administration may have a $10 billion taxpayer-financed white elephant on its hands based on Britain’s experience with a similar plant that has been shuttered after a decade of failed operations.

We got a nifty color brochure for out $10 billion.

Warm and comfy Q and A.

"MOX fuel is not currently being produced in the U.S., but several European countries have been producing MOX fuel for more than 20 years. Their supply of plutonium is from spent nuclear fuel rather than nuclear weapons. Under agreements between Russia and the U.S., Russia also plans to build and operate a MOX fuel fabrication facility in Russia to reduce its surplus plutonium stockpile."

What was the US reaction?

"FUKUSHIMA, Never Again" Trailer

Around the world in 40 days.

Cesium 137 Detected in Virginia Rain: “I have said from the beginning that there is Fukushima fallout in the rain water.”

Yes, the future has a warm glow...

Perhaps eradication of the human species will bring a semblance of peace to the planet. Wait and see.

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